2023 Una Prestige Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kudla Grove, South Australia

Identifying the superiority of an ingredient is a formidable task, requiring several seasons of unwavering dedication, consistency and careful evaluation of the source in demonstrating its excellence.  

Una Prestige represents the culmination of 25 years of nurturing a unique, single olive grove, meticulously planted and cultivated to yield the finest Australian extra virgin olive oil money can buy.




It all began with the tasting of one of the finest extra virgin olive oils ever released: Joseph Foothills, back in 1990. The base fruit used for this exceptional olive oil came from Jimmy Pomakis’ Koroneiki grove, situated on the Gawler foothills in the Adelaide Plains suburb of Kudla, which is located less than 2km from my parents’ property.

Jimmy was a prominent figure in the Adelaide Plains during the late 70s and collaborated with PIRSA in the research and development of new vegetable and fruit crop varieties in the area, which later became known as the Virginia Market Garden Triangle. I knew Jimmy well as I grew up in the same suburb and attended high school with his daughter. Being the son of glasshouse growers in Kudla, Jimmy was the go-to person for discussions about new varieties being trialed.

In 1998, we removed our glasshouses and planted 500 Koroneiki trees, pre-potted by Jimmy with cuttings directly descended from his beloved Koroneiki trees, which he had planted 40 years earlier. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s trees no longer exist due to suburban expansion, as his market garden and olive grove block were subdivided for housing.

Why Koroneiki, you might wonder? Much like Grange is the epitome of Shiraz wines, Koroneiki stands as the pinnacle among olive oil varieties.

After tasting that first bottle of Joseph Foothills in the early ’90s, I realised that Koroneiki was the perfect olive variety and that Kudla provided the ideal conditions, with its dry and warm climate, for producing exceptional olive oil.

Koroneiki is the most challenging variety to cultivate due to its viscous qualities, high bitterness, and overpowering flavors. Our Kudla grove has intentionally been dry-grown for the past six years, allowing the trees to mature and adapt to whatever the season throws at them. The results have been superior to any other single varietal extra virgin olive oils, with our Kudla grove consistently producing harmonious oil that combines the distinct characteristics and qualities that this variety has to offer.

Expect an intense green oil which is perfectly suited to bruschetta, salads, pasta, risotto, soups, grilled fish and vegetables.
Season 2023
1600 x 375 bottles filled
Cold Extraction