2023 Vat No.1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vat No.1 is the first fruit harvested of the new season. Its intensity and vibrancy is attributed to the three most highly regarded varieties; Frantoio, Koroneiki, Verdale & Barossa Wild.

1L Bottle


It all started back in 1996 when Tracy and I took over the reigns of our family`s interests in the olive fruits sourced from the old grove’s back in 1970 from Barossa Valley trees which date back to the early 1880`s and to turn a new direction to release super premium extra virgin olive oil that showcases the intensity and vibrancy this Barossa region gives up

Our varieties are a mix of century old colonial, Frantoio, Koroneiki and Verdale trees.

Harvest begins on the Barossa Valley floor during the month of May where the olives are on the greener side and the yields are very low, approximately 100Ltrs of extra virgin olive oil per 1000kg of fruit giving up grassy green fruit with powerful bitterness and pepperyness.

We then make our way towards the Barossa Ranges during the months of June and July where we experience a fruit bowl of flavours. The higher altitude of 350 – 450 metres and the steep rocky out crops shows the determination of the sourcing of these fruits which the oil has the richness of ripe tomato and tropical fruits with lovely bitterness and pepperyness to finish

The processing of Vat No. 1  is achieved within 24 hrs of hand harvesting via the state of the art modern cold process centrifuge extraction. Our extra virgin olive oils are released unfiltered after a small period of natural settling has occurred in our stainless steel holding vats.

Vat No. 1 is perfectly suited in cold situations with dipping of wood fired crusty bread, drizzled over freshly made pasta’s, fish, soups and mediterranean salads to appreciate the pure fruit juice.


2010 Trophy / Gold South Australia Olive Awards 

2006 Trophy / Gold Australian Nationals held in Canberra

2008 Bronze South Australia

2006 Bronze Sydney

2005 Silver South Australia Northern

2005 Bronze Australian Nationals

2005 Bronze Perth

2005 Bronze Sydney

2005 Bronze South Australia

2004 Gold Perth

2004 First in Class

2004 Silver Canberra

2004 Bronze Australian Nationals

2004 Bronze S.A Northern

2003 Silver Sydney

2003 Silver Perth

2003 Silver Olive Business

2003 Bronze Canberra

2002 1st in class Olive Business

2002 Silver Australian Nationals

2002 Bronze Perth

2002 Bronze S.A Northern

2001 Silver South Australia.

2001 Silver S.A Northern

2001 Bronze Australian Nationals


1 Litre Bottle, 10Lt Drum